Laser Cutting


We offer two types of laser-cutting machines in cooperation with the LSS-GmbH company.

The machines are made according to costumers’ wishes.

Among these machines are lasers for cutting PCD (PKD), CBN and HM substrates, commercial machines for steel cutting.

We have years of experience and customers from all Europe.

Devices are made of high-quality components from companies, such as Rofin Sinar, Festo, SKF, Bosch Rexroth, Igus.

Cutting power up to 15 mm

Laser power in range of 1200W – 5000W according to specifications given by a customer


The device is delivered with the complete software for operating the laser machine part and CAD/CAM application as well.

To ease the work of our customers, we will gladly help with the implementation of that certain type of CAD/CAM acent.

Example: Laser cutting device Contour (Portal device – working surface 3000x1500mm)


  • Laser power: 1200, 1700, 2500, 3000W
  • Axis of rotation for machining of rotating parts (pipes)
  • CAD/CAM Software
  • Special additional device, used f.e. for welding


The development of CONTOUR –u 3015 device was instigated by the customer-oriented applications.

With the standard model Contour 3015/2000 (2000W laser power with a working surface 3,00x 1,50m) was created such a device, which allows to work a material up the 15mm depth and rustless materials up to 8 mm.

With the possibility of customizing the laser power from 1200W up to 3000W, we are able to fulfil the customers’ wishes better and more precise.

Standard devices are shouldered by well-approved lasers made in Rofin Sinar GmbH workshop.

Cutting head – one of the most important components, was developed by us particularly for those certain devices and shouldered by a length-measurement sensor made by Precitec Company.




It shows high service stability at different applications.

Materials such as plastic, wood and non-metal materials can be machinated as well.

NC Programme has a connection with the controlling of the device and with the extern CAD/CAM software on the other side.

The programme is loaded directly into the laser unit with an assistance of the data line.

Other formats are without problems imported into CAD/CAM software and subsequently utilized.